Monday, March 26

beyond starbucks: curbside cafe

I've begun exploring north county a bit further with the help of my favorite local [and co-worker!] Johanna. Curbside Cafe is a legend in Vista and I could definitely see why. The staff is super friendly and fun, the atmosphere is very home-y and the food and coffee/tea beverages are some of the best in the area.

really freaken good iced tea [with sugar water!]

[mocha to die for]

 cinnamon bun the size of my head... i ate almost the whole thing*

california sando

local art

{*i don't recommend this... but it was absolutely the most perfect cinnamon bun ever}


Katherine McAdoo said...

mmm! that all looks delicious and the place is oh so cute. i always love local coffee shops more than starbucks, usually it's just a nice, different atmosphere, and they tend to have more things i drink since i don't drink coffee.

<3 katherine

Amanda Morrow said...

BEST local place I've been to in Vista! Such a trendy... yet hometown vibe. Super friendly staff and amazing cuisine!