Tuesday, March 6

sauteed spinach and goat cheese lentils

I'd like to take credit for this recipe but I can't, because it's definitely not my own. It was invented by my best friend and other half, AJ [I'd link to her blog but it's currently under construction]. But anyways, this dish... though it may sound a little strange... has been a crowd pleaser at pot lucks, work events, date nights and family dinners. It's healthy, satisfying, easy, cheap and so dang delicious. It's great as a side to any chicken or fish dish... or it can be eaten as the main course. [versatile too!] Seriously, I can't say enough good things about it. So without further adieu, behold blogger world... THE recipe.

Steamed lentils [Trader Joe's], garlic, spinach,
olive oil, salt, pepper & goat cheese

In a medium skillet, heat a couple of teaspoons of olive oil and crushed garlic over medium heat. Add a half of a bag of spinach [or more] and sautee with crushed garlic until spinach is wilted. Season lentils with salt and pepper and in a separate bowl, heat for three minutes.Add wilted spinach and however much goat cheese you like. Mix and serve!


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Alyssa Jeanne said...

nom nom nom. we can give judy some credit too... since she taught me - sort of.