Sunday, March 4

joshua tree national park

Lately, my weekends have consisted of too much beer and food and lazy days on the couch [feeling terrible]. This weekend, I was determined to mix it up. Thanks to a little inspiration from an article I wrote at work and the companionship of a good friend, I jetted off to Joshua Tree National Park. Just about two hours from my house in San Diego, I was surprised to find this vast desert land covered in absurdly large rock formations and interesting foliage.

we started how any good road trip beings... with in n out at 10 a.m.

Besides the beautiful weather we encountered, there was something else that made this trip extra special. sure the rocks and the terrain were cool, and the other friendly campers contributed as well, but there was a certain freshness in the air and an aura that seemed to follow us around. Feelings of certainty, almost a right place at the right time kind of feeling, contentment to be out and away from the city and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and peace filled every moment that I spent at joshua tree.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy vacations planned around fancy hotels and expensive meals, but strangely [or maybe not so strangely] this mini vacation was better. Maybe it was being able to see an area, so close to where I live, that was so baffling and strange that it was almost mysterious. Maybe it was the fresh air, the clear skies where more stars than we'd ever see in san diego were visible. Maybe it was cooking the best chicken [ever] over an open fire and finishing the night with s'mores. Maybe it was sleeping on the ground, feeling just a tad too cold, but being so happy and content that the cold didn't even matter. Maybe it was that we turned off our cell phones and vowed not to check the time so as to be able to fully relax and truly not have an agenda. Or maybe it was all of those things combined. Whatever it was, Joshua Tree National Park captured my heart and spirit and I cannot wait to go back.

creatively climbing through the rocks


a joshua tree

chicken and zucchini

ending on a sweet note

Though there's always a sense of sadness leaving an incredible place and trip behind, I still feel happy and so very grateful for the relaxing weekend that i truly enjoyed to the fullest. I think the natural high from this trip will keep me going for a while.

{hope everyone's weekend was just as good!}

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