Friday, March 2

casa de luz

After a lot of anticipation, Casa de Luz finally opened in North Park. Located just blocks from my apartment, my friend Tim and I decided to go on a date one evening. The restaurant, which started in Austin, Texas [love] is all vegan and macrobiotic. Their menu changes three times per day to ensure the highest and freshest quality of ingredients and you can find it posted on their Facebook page. for an all natural, organic and vegan restaurant, the prices were very reasonable [about $15 a person for a salad and main course] and the atmosphere was laid back and enjoyable. The food was tasty and clearly fresh and healthy [though it was very apparent to my taste buds that I was eating vegan... which is neither a negative or a positive].

gorgeous interior

organic beer

salad bar


beets and other veggies

my most adorable date, tim

My advice? Whether you're into the organic, healthy eating movement or not, you should give this place a shot. The food is creative and delicious and at the very least, you'll have a filling and healthy meal at a reasonable price!
{plus, they compost all of the uneaten food!}

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Sam | ashore said...

Allie, each time I open your blog I wish we could go out to eat together in San Diego. Have you been to El Take It Easy yet? I still get their e-mails (I loved their other restaurant The Linkery) and I'd love to live vicariously through you!