Wednesday, February 29

the lion's share

More often than not, I'm craving something. Not chocolate or ice cream, but usually a beer. And not a Bud Light or a Blue Moon or even a Red Stripe [though I do enjoy the latter two on occasion] but a delicious, filling, maybe even "overly" hoppy beer. Recently, my co-worker / new favorite person Amanda and I ventured downtown and with Jade's recommendation, checked out The Lion's Share. The lighting was dim, the decor was ornate and fabulous, the people were lively and the beer list was impressive. Obviously, I was hooked.
in addition, an array of eclectic art hung on the walls throughout the bar and restaurant

parmesan french fries with mustard aioli and ketchup


so good it warranted a close up

amanda's duck confit flatbread... also a winner

Aforementioned, the french onion soup was... wow. Incredibly comforting, the perfect amount of cheese and bread on top and a TON of broth and onions, all baked together to create a cheesy, warm, melty dream in my mouth [and served with a couple crostinis]. Seriously guys, this was like THE burger experience that [again, in typical dramatic-allie fashion] changed my life. Yum dood.

{the beer was pretty darn good as well...from duvel to manzanita chaotic, i was stoked!}

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