Tuesday, April 24

coachella: the crafts

Coachella. Arguably one of the best music festivals of our generation. People from all over the world [literally] flock to Indio, California [read: the blistering hot desert] in April to experience one of the best weekends...ever. From Paul McCartney to Snoop Dogg... Coachella has had musical guests of every kind. My friends and I went back in 2010, camped [ugh], saw some of our favorite artists and had a damn good time. This year, similar to our last Coachella weekend, we sweated and sweated and sweated [did I mention it's usually well over 105 degrees?]. We raced from tent to tent to see our favorite musicians in action. We mingled with the Coachella folk [from hipsters to bros and everything in between]. And we discovered... The Coachella Art Studio aka... Craft-Chella... aka... my heaven. Once discovered, I spent several hours in this tent taking full advantage of the free [ish] craft supplies. Needless to say, this tent definitely rivaled the actual music... almost.

here are some of my creations: buttons and a zine*

*I'm still not entirely sure what a zine is... but I'm pretty proud of mine. If you want to read the whole thing [warning: some parts are PG-13] email me and I'll send ya a copy!

{Don't worry. This is just the beginning. More Coachella posts to follow!}

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Alyssa Jeanne said...

of course your first post is about the crafts... for god's sake.