Sunday, April 8

indigo grill

In honor of Amanda's birthday, we decided to go to Indigo Grill in Little Italy. The place was fabulous. The cuisine is southwestern/American and everything we ordered was a feast.

lovely decor



one more time

grilled romaine salad

rev love

beautiful lisa

I ordered the spinach salad. usually, as you may have noticed, I don't usually order salads as a main course when I go out to eat [who wants to be the girl who only eats salad? lame]. Plus, to me, salads are less about the lettuce/spinach/greens and more about the treats you get on top. Oftentimes, the treats are limited which give salads a bad name. But this one sounded TOO good. It was a heaping helping of spinach with strawberries, nuts, roasted pepitas tossed with caramelized orange pasilla dressing. THEN there were a couple of corn fritters, a pile of spaghetti squash, chicken and toasted garlic chips on top.

{i'll never judge salads again. yum dood.}

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Dale Force Winds said...

their vegetarian 'good things growing' dish is the only vegetarian dish on this planet that i have ever ordered knowing ahead of time it was vegetarian