Wednesday, April 18

a pretty day (and a great cafe)

Holy guac I'm behind. Maybe because it's because I'm so absurdly excited to see my bestestestest friends this weekend (oh yeah and did I mention we'll be attending that music festival... don't know if you've heard of it... I think they're calling it...'Chella these days...?) So I guess my mind has been elsewhere (DR. DRE ON THE MAIN STAGE SUNDAY...okay I'm done I swear). But I've had some pretty fabulous days lately.  A few weekends ago, co-worker Amanda and I explored Solana Beach, a town I pass every single day but have never explored. It's a haven for anyone interested in design, it's quiet in the best way possible and it's home to the cutest boutiques ever. 

the store/backyard of my dreams

any chance to cuddle with a pup [i need a tan]


curried lentil + coconut soup, gouda, artisan bread and a yummy salad

Clearly, it was a good day plus I made a few spontaneous purchases that I can't really afford {click here except mine is in mint green and here to see} and we had an incredible lunch at zinc, my new favorite cafe. The soup [featured above] was really pretty amazing and reminded me a LOT of India. Wah.

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