Thursday, April 26

coachella: the food

You're probably wondering how it's possible that I haven't discussed the music aspect of Coachella yet...  I'll  get there... I promise! My last Coachella experience involved a weekend diet of beer, goldfish and miscellaneous junk food found around the festival. This year, I was determined to find the goods. And by goods I mean food trucks.

The Lime Truck, winner of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, was serving up their awesome California-inspired cuisine and I [guilty] ate there everyday. Oops! I tried the short rib quesadilla, the short rib fries, a potato taco and bok choy salad and it was all absolutely incredible. Then, I got really lucky and had the chance to meet Daniel, the founder/owner of the truck [that's him in the plaid]. He gave us free limeades [again, SO GOOD] and chatted with us about his success. Daniel also told us that soon, The Lime Truck will have their own sit-down restaurant! Clearly I’ll be making a visit. Great guy, great truck, GREAT food.

Next, we tried Manglers Meltdown, a food truck dedicated to all sorts of different “melts.” From Philly cheese steaks to turkey melts to grilled cheese (WITH MOZZARELLA STICKS MELTED INSIDE), this truck is probably a heart attack waiting to happen but nonetheless it was an absolute feast. 

Finally, we tried Cosmic American Voo Doo Van, a San Francisco-based food truck specializing in American food. Since I was pretty much disgusted with myself at this point from all of the [terribly] fattening food I’d been eating, I only [HA] got a side of JuJu Balls… essentially fried mashed potatoes with chives and cream cheese and served with pickled onions and an amazing aioli sauce. Oink.

{Who knew Coachella food was so dang delicious?}

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