Tuesday, April 3

fig tree cafe

Fig Tree Cafe, located almost in La Jolla but essentially in Pacific Beach, was just a picturesque location for this Saturday morning, long overdue brunch with my good friend, Rachel. the atmosphere was perfect, bursting with locals and hidden in an outdoor-only secret garden-type setting. 

Unfortunately, the service and food were another story.

Guys, I haven't ever really given a bad review, and I don't know if it's because I try to give people the benefit of the doubt or because I just get so excited about trying a new place that I may overlook some of the negative qualities in a restaurant or its menu items. but I was seriously just not impressed with Fig Tree. First, it took about 30 minutes to even get a drink. When our food came, it was luke warm and just wasn't that good. It tasted like it had been sitting around for a while... which would make sense for how long we waited.

On the bright side, the waitresses and hostesses were BEYOND kind. They were warm, welcoming and it felt a little like eating at your mom's kitchen table. Plus, I've heard great things about Fig Tree, so I'm hoping to go back and change this somewhat negative review into a positive one.


like a tree house

monterey scramble - blah

traditional bennie

{i hope you have a better experience than i did & if you already did, please share it!}

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