Thursday, April 5

i love days when... realize your problems aren't really problems but merely obstacles. get in the biggest book worm mood and dream of spending an afternoon in barnes and noble.
...your blog gets a makeover that makes you probably happier than it should. get paid at midnight!

So maybe you noticed the makeover 'ole beauty and the feast got today/yesterday. Personally, I'm obsessed. It was beautifully designed by Danielle Moss, the face behind breakfast at toast, blog designer extraordinaire and co-founder of the everygirl [if you haven't read it you really really need to. like, right now]. It's kind of funny how much this blog means to me; it's actually borderline creepy. I think about it pretty much every second of the day, I have dreams about it, I want it to be perfect and I want it to succeed.

{ps: it's me [and aj's lentils] on kyla roma!}

{projects, walk on the beach, sushi, mingling and me-time
on the agenda for the weekend! stay tuned}


Danielle / Breakfast at Toast + The Everygirl said...

You are SO sweet. I dream about The Everygirl, too. But probably because it consumes every waking moment of my life. Loved working with you and LOVE how the blog turned out. SO chic! Enjoy! xo

Dale Force Winds said...

the redesign looks great!!!

Sam | ashore said...

eeee, allie! The redesign looks so great. And I totally get what you mean about being borderline-in-love with a blog. It's pretty silly how much of my mental and actual time is taken up ... but it's so wonderful to feel that way about something, isn't it?