Tuesday, February 12

a weekend in Dallas, Texas

This past weekend, I visited some old pals in Dallas. It'd been two years since I've made the trip and for some reason, I always forget how nice everyone is there. I don't think I touched a door knob or handle the entire weekend (something simple but often so forgotten in California).

I also ate my fair share of Tex-Mex (read: queso), held, saw and shot a gun for the first time at the shooting range (yes I was totally freaked out at first) and got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people in the world.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at remembering to use my camera, but I did manage to take a few shots at Craft and Growler (3601 Parry Avenue Dallas), a new beer bar in downtown Dallas. With an amazingly extensive local beer list, flights for just $10, the option for delivery from a variety of delicious restaurants in the area and excellent branding, I was obviously a big fan.

loved these light fixtures

the darker the better

my beautiful friends from college

We also had a fun night out on the town at Barcadia, an arcade/bar with Skeeball (YES!) Mario, Track and Field and tons of other old games as well as delicious drinks at Beauty Bar. If you're ever in the area, make sure to check them out!

Barcadia: 1917 North Henderson Avenue; Dallas
Beauty Bar: 1924 North Henderson Avenue; Dallas

All in all, the weekend was a success, though too short. It made me miss living close to a bunch of friends and really really made me miss living on my own. Plus, every time I'm in town, I start picturing what life would be like if I moved back. With a growing food and beer scene and absurdly cheap rent, it's definitely something to consider.


jackiek said...

sounds like a wonderful time! i freaked out my first time at the shooting range, but my dad and i enjoy going now as a bonding time!

Shannon said...

I've never been to Dallas before, but I've always wanted to go. This place sounds like a wonderful time. My friend owns a restaurant in Dallas called Southpaw Organic Grill. His food looks amazing. You should check it out next time you go. :)

amanda tinsley said...

Oohhhhhhh my gooodness! The first time I met my boyfriend's family his father to me to a shooting range! I am a NYC girl born and bred. I'm not sure if that adds to the story, but I feel as though it does. I had never seen a handgun, not strapped to an officer, in my life. Wowza.

new follower :)
love that lighting fixture also!

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

Love the photos and it sounds like you had a great time.
Almost Endearing

Katie said...

| the darker the better

I 100% agree.

Wendy said...

One of my best friends is out in Dallas and my boyfriend goes frequently for business... I've heard that the housing is extremely affordable! Also, it's always good to hear that the hospitality scene is improving. It sounds like you had a blast and your photos are great!