Tuesday, February 5

going with the flow

image courtesy of my revelment

On Thursday, I'm going to the great state of Texas (where I come from). I haven't been back in two or so years and I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of freaking out. It's always weird to go back to a place that's no longer your home, all of a sudden being a visitor in the place you grew up. You know the feeling.

Though I've had more than a few "oh em geeeee, am I going to wear my little Gucci dress, my little Gucci dress OR... my little Gucci dress?" meltdowns (tehehe), I've tried to remember one of my main goals for this year: go with the flow. I'm often guilty of trying to plan out each and every moment and detail. I over think and over analyze situations to the point of overwhelming myself. Sometimes I forget to just relax and enjoy the moment. And that, my pals, is ending with the start of this trip. It's a little random, a little crazy and a lot necessary. And seriously? Why. Not.

{Here's to spontaneity and adventure. What would life be without it.}

{PS: Tierra is crazy.}


Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Can I just say that I love the fact that you quoted spice world? You definitely have my kind of sense of humor:)
I hope you have a relaxing time in Texas, we're having amazing weather right now!
Time Stand Still

Charlotte F said...

Oh my, thinking about Spice World makes me feel old. :)

On another note, that quote totally speaks to me right now. I went from actress to translator within a year. Wasn't planned. But it works and I'm happy with it! Enjoy Texas!

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Love that quote. So, so true! Have a wonderful time in TX.

Kate Fitchett said...

Heck why is it so hard to "go with the flow"! Freak trying to battle upstream and plan should be easier but it isn't!!! Good luck in Texas! Remember to breath and enjoy it all!

katie said...

best reference. :)

i love your outlook! whenever something unexpected (read: something i didn't want) happens, i always think it means that it's going to bring me somewhere better. or at least introduce me to something i need to be introduced to. i'm a weirdly firm believer in things always happening for a reason.

Allison said...


JellyBones said...

Joseph Campbell has been one of my idols for years! I love him. It is really strange going back to where you grew up. I only live about an hour away from my hometown, and my parents don't live there anymore. Every time I go back it's so different. Good luck!


jackiek said...

thats one of my goals this year too: go with the flow. don't worry about the small stuff. it's all work out. xo

Kirsten said...

I can relate 110%. I seriously make myself somewhat sick at times over analyzing...depending on the situation. However, a friend once put it this way, she likes planned spontaneity. As a planner by nature AND a lover of surprises, this is the perfect way to "fly by the seat of my pants."