Monday, February 25

march sponsors... where you at?

Do you love beer? Sarcasm? (Mostly cheesy) food? Sriracha? Contemplations? Me? 
Head over to my new and improved sponsors page and support Beauty and the Feast this March!

The Perks:
Random emails and/or gchats from yours truly + a new best friendship 
Promotion of your blog and/or small business (ad space + posts)
Opportunities for guest posts + giveaways + collaboration + creative brainstorms
A guaranteed good time 


Jennifer said...

Okay! I'm sold.

SanBriego said...

Me too! I submitted my Large ad yesterday on PassionFruit.. hope you still have room for March! :)

Katie said...

I can't seem to submit for the small ads. It won't let me attach my banner :(