Friday, February 3

the veggie with the worst reputation

Brussels sprouts, which before this post I thought they were called brussel sprouts, probably have the worst reputation ever, besides maybe meatloaf. Growing up, my mom never made them, thus they were never a part of my life. Little did I know, I had been missing out. Not only are they filling, but when marinated and tossed with other delicious ingredients, they can be an entire meal, a late night feastly snack, and even a food that I crave on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

With the help of a few recipes, I have created my own brussels sprouts that will change your life [okay that's a bit dramatic, but they'll definitely change your opinion on them].
*disclaimer: they smell like...well... not great... when you're cooking them; but don't be deterred! 

Brussels sprouts, olive oil, thyme,
everyday seasoning [Trader Joe's], salt,
diced onion, sliced toasted almonds &
parmesan cheese

Wash and cut brussels sprouts in half. Blanch brussels sprouts in boiling water for two minutes. Put 1/4 cup olive oil in a bowl and add everyday seasoning, thyme and salt to taste. Dice onions and add to olive oil mixture. When brussels sprouts are slightly soft from the blanching, put on a cookie sheet and generously spread olive oil/onion mixture so that each sprout is coated. Cook on 375 degrees for 10 minutes. Add sliced almonds to the top and cook for five more minutes. Once finished, top with parmesan cheese and serve.


Carey said...

I've gotta try this one! I LOVE brussels sprouts. There's another awesome recipe I posted in Pinterest with cranberries. yum dude

Amanda @ Little Lady Living said...

Still my favorite brussels sprouts! Sending this around my office now... nom nom nom