Saturday, February 11

carnitas snack shack

Carnitas Snack Shack, which recently opened off of University Ave. in North Park, is pretty close to perfect. They use local ingredients. They deliver. They're open until midnight. They're just around the corner. AND they have a giant metal pig on their roof. [did I mention the food is pretty incredible too?]

So far, I've tried the carnitas tacos [garnished with the traditional toppings and made to order - I ordered mine extra crispy] and the fries. After stalking their ever-changing daily menu, which is now a link on my bookmark bar, and impatiently waiting for something cheesy to be posted, today [finally] they had mac n' cheese. HOLY QUESO. It was made with the traditional elbow macaroni, combined a medley of different cheeses, potentially a bit of bacon grease or something that gave it that flavor and topped with chives. Talk about heaven.

I also tried the brussels sprouts, my new favorite veg, and they were quite tasty. a little spicy since they were made with serrano peppers, but the hint of lemon evened out the flavors.

{winner winner carnitas dinner!}

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Allie Blech said...

I've never been to this place, but it looks really good! I'm actually about to move to North Park, mostly because 90% of my favorite SD restaurants are located there... which may become an issue. Either way, your posts have made me want to give brussels sprouts another chance!