Sunday, February 12

saltbox for brunch

Today, I was honored to have lunch with two of my favorites: Sam & Annalisa. [Almost] as food obsessed as me, we chose Saltbox, the restaurant attached to the Palomar Hotel [where I've always wanted to spend a night]. The atmosphere was classy, but surprisingly, the menu prices were not reflective. 

beautiful decor

mimosas $9

english muffin breakfast sandwich + potatoes $11

brisket + hash browns + poached eggs + mustard-infused fraiche 

breakfast burrito $12

fact: this was my first EVER breakfast burrito.
[and it definitely won't be my last]

I was always skeptical of the eggs in a burrito thing, but let me tell you, it was TO. DIE. FOR. And also the size of a small child. But that didn't stop me [I literally scraped my plate clean]. Filled with hash browns, cheese, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage [which I added instead of bacon] and topped with salsa and a generous helping of avocado, this California breakfast burrito was quite the treat and will definitely be a repeat! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

{i'm cooking tonight! so stay tuned for a semi-healthy recipe}

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Steffany said...

Ohmygosh this looks amazeee!! And I'm loving your blog!! Eeee go Allieee! <3