Tuesday, February 21


I know I know I know. All I ever talk about is how these restaurants are my "new favorite place" and the "BEST FOOD EVER"!! [in true dramatic-allie fashion, of course.] But Snooze, located on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest, really does take the cake for my new favorite breakfast eatery. Besides having [at the very least] an hour wait, the food is UNBELIEVABLE and the service...unbeatable. My advice? Don't let the wait deter you. No matter what the wait, put your name in, and then go to Urban Outfitters [conveniently next door]. Before you know it, it'll be time to feast - and you'll be super stoked that you waited.

taking advantage of the extensive booze list
[grapefruit and orange mimosas]

free pancake of the day appetizer [tres leches] i'm not usually in to sweets for breakfast but this pancake was seriously incredible [and more like an actual cake than a pancake].



my choice: snooze spuds deluxe. picture this... a giant helping of hashbrowns with chicken sausage* covered in melted cheddar and jack cheese and topped with a scrambled egg and avocado*
*just two of MANY toppings



amandaholland said...

Can we go this weekend? I will go put our name in when I wake up, then go back to sleep for 2 hours, and then when I wake up again it will be almost time to eat.

Siobhan McCarthy said...

all i have to say is yum dude