Monday, January 14


one: new year's eve with some amazing friends
two: hiking mt. tamalpais (a painful six miles)
three: a homemade feast of asian food... made by me!
four: speedway stout for just a mere $20 (oops)
five: blue barn build your own salads. nom.
six: golden gate bridge. it never gets old.
seven: philz mint mojito iced coffe
eight: ain't too proud to beg: doggie edition

do you instagram? let's be friends! 


Allie said...

We have identical Golden Gate photos. But then again I'm sure we share that with about a bajillion people. haha

Behold the Metatron said...

I'll find you on instagram! I'm @beholdthemetatron
The pups are so cute.


Marlen said...

aaahh you made all that asian food?! wanna come over and make dinner for me :D and that hike sounds so fun...if painful haha.

and you went to india for SIX MONTHS?! what'd you do there? that parts where you in- i'd love to hear some advice!

Shannon said...

Mint mojito iced coffee!!!! YUM!

chestnutmocha said...

oh, Allie, your salad picture is so bright and juicy that it made me very hungry! haha

Nicole Marie said...

nothing like the sight of the gg bridge